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Marsdan Tropicals flower gift boxes make the perfect gift.

Designer vases available with all tropical flower arrangement gift boxes for an additional $9.99

We do beautiful weddings and special events! Contact us for special orders.

Marsdan Tropical Assorted Tropicals Flower Gift Boxes MT01

Assorted Tropicals


A popular and beautiful assortment of Bird of Paradise, Ginger, Psittacorum and Anthurium with assorted foliage.


Marsdan Tropical Orchid Delight Flower Gift Boxes MT02

Orchid Delight


Bring a touch of the Orchid Isle to your home.  A beautiful, abundant array of Dendrobium orchid sprays plus tropical foliage.


Marsdan Tropical Island Ginger Flower Gift Boxes MT03

Island Ginger


A magnificent display of red and pink Ginger with assorted greenery.


Marsdan Tropical Tropical Punch Flower Gift Boxes MT04

Tropical Punch


Our most popular!  A colorful ensemble that includes Hawaiian Costus plus Red and Pink Ginger, Bird of Paradise, Psittacorum, Anthurium and assorted foliage. Makes a gorgeous arrangement.


Marsdan Tropical Peles Passion Flower Gift Boxes MT05

Pele’s Passion


Such an eye-catching array of beauty!  Dendrobium orchid sprays and Anthurium mingled together with lush tropical foliage.


Marsdan Tropical Hawaiian Sunrise Flower Gift Boxes MT06

Hawaiian Sunrise


Our largest and most spectacular bouquet!  A large, exotic Heliconia with Golden Torch, Bird of Paradise, red and pink Ginger and Anthurium  plus matching foliage make this flower gift box truly special.


Marsdan Tropical Pincushion Bouquet Flower Git Boxes MT07

Pincushion Bouquet



A simple yet elegant bouquet of tropical Pincushion Protea with foliage.


Marsdan Tropical Anthurium Bouquet Gift Boxes MT08

Anthurium Bouquet


A stunning bouquet of colorful Hawaiian Anthurium matched with tropical foliage.



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All prices include Federal Express shipping. Add $20 for deliveries to Alaska.  A $25 additional charge will be added if an incorrect delivery address is given. Substitution of flowers of equal or greater value may occur, depending on seasonal availability.

WE DO BEAUTIFUL WEDDINGS AND SPECIAL EVENTS! Contact us for details on custom ordering.